Book Series

The Cambridge Elements series Global China showcases thematic, region- or country-specific studies on China’s multifaceted global engagements and impacts. Each title, written by a leading scholar of the subject matter at hand, combines a succinct, comprehensive and up-to-date overview of the debates in the scholarly literature with original analysis and a clear argument.

Featuring cutting edge scholarship on arguably one of the most important and controversial developments in the 21st century, the Global China Elements series will advance a new direction of China scholarship that expands China Studies beyond China’s territorial boundaries.

Titles are suited for readers from across levels and disciplines, including seasoned scholars and policy-makers, students and general readers seeking to learn about it for the first time. Different combinations of titles will be an effective substitute for or complement to standard texts in undergraduate or graduate-level courses.

Individual Elements contributions are at a length (20,000-30,000 words) that is longer than a journal article but shorter than a book. This length allows for more scope and depth than is available in the narrow confines available to scholars publishing in journals. Authors can also conceive and write an Element on a shorter timeline than is feasible for a scholarly book. A unique feature of Elements is that their contents are updatable, making them indispensable and timely references for a wide audience.

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